Thursday, July 14, 2016


Last but not least, the 11th show of MBFWA S/S 2017 on day 3.
LES SOEURS ROUGES with 'Le Parc Perdu'

Souvenirs from a lost zoo.
In 1863 was the The Hague Zoo established. The inspiration for the collection Le Parc Perdu, with the official name: Royal Zoological-Botanical Garden, opened with a large main building, different plant greenhouses and poultry and quadrupeds. After the war the area remained known as "the Zoo". In 1968 the remaining Zoo building was demolished.
LES SOEURS ROUGES brings the history back to life and created the collection of 'souvenirs' of the lost The Hague Zoo. Think of silk scarfs with animals prints and leather bags and accessories in exotic shapes combined with in a nowadays Art Nouveau style!

A collection which was pretty, girly, fresh, dreamy and wearable.
I think this show was really easy to understand for a lot of people, also really commercial. I liked the bags and the silouettes, but not really new or refreshing. Even though, the girls were rocking the collection, especially when they ended in a dreamy tableau vivant.

First picture by Team Peter Stigter, rest by me.

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