Wednesday, July 13, 2016


There we go, our 6th show of MBFWA S/S 2017.
DENNIS DIEM with 'Sweet Rebel'

For this collection was the cult-film Cry Baby (1990) a big inspiration. A lovestory of the good girl and the bad boy. And that's what we saw. A show which started like a lovely collection what we know about Dennis Diem, but when there were motercycles everywhere de badasses were rocking this runway. This show was damn sexy.
Dennis putted the girls on the highest heels, with only a nail to walk on, gave the boys amazing platforms (which I need in my closet!). A show with the ultra female side, like extravagant dresses, and a extreme male side, like leather all over. Working from the real stereotypes, not really my favorite thing to do, but Dennis Diem did a really good job. Definitely better than last time!

First picture by Team Peter Stigter, rest by me.

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