Saturday, July 23, 2016

by BY

by BY is the art collective by Bart Merks (1993) and Yuliya Globa (1989). Both are graduates of the Bachelor of Dance in Education of ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The duo creates performances where contradictions play a major role. Compared to each other, they are a huge contrast. Bart is focusing on the visual aspect, the design and the visual image of their performances. Yuliya on the other hand, is looking for the meaning, the coloring of- and the connection in their work. These contrasting two still find a balance and transcend their own borders, as a synergy.

by BY makes cross-border interdisciplinary performances on location. The duo Yuliya and Bart is looking for purity, energies, confrontations and human images during the performances. They interact with the audience to create an experience that leaves room for interpretation. Let them take you to a location, to experience a moment of the now. A synergy that is challenging and inviting. More extreme, more powerful, more intense, deeper, and especially touching. They move to move people.

The performance art of by BY want to abduct people from reality and give them another access to the same reality. They want to create an experience that remains with the viewer. Typical stereotype boxes are swept away and to tell their story they won’t be stopped by any border.

by BY is captured by the lens of Victor Klijsen.

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