Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Kiev photo diary, part 2.

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- Day 5 -

Kiev, a trip that I made with my father. A wonderful trip with a lot of experiences and impressions. It was an intens one, cause I didn't know what kind of culture and situation Kiev was bringing me. Somewhere, I was scared, nervous and a little unsure. But If I look back, I had an amazing time, an intens one. I saw the best and the darkest side of this city and I talked a lot with the people of this city. I captured the buildings, the people, the sun and the snow, the livings, the love and the food. It was a trip which was really doing something to me, it moved me again. 
Ooh Kiev, you're wonderful!

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Marleen Zoë said...

I love your distinctive style of photography among your images.
Keep it up :D