Friday, January 22, 2016


Mick Keus is our 2nd show at MBFWA.

Mick Keus showed us an overview of custom-fit jeans. Jeans espacially made for his clients, with a personal fit. His clients walked over the catwalk as well, showing their very own Mick Keus jeans. Mick is an alumni from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where he did Fashion & Design. Working from the vintage Levi's 501 makes me super exited. Since I'm a brand ambassador for Levi's, my love for jeans started to grow. It was so great to see how he made the jeans perfect for all the different body types. The show was fast, models running with their great jeans, very personal and clean styled. 

Here some pictures when we were hungry:

And THANKS TO MAISON THE FAUX for dressing me again!
A picture from us, for you.

A few pictures by Team Peter Stigter, the rest by me.

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