Wednesday, January 27, 2016


After the MBFWA shows at the Westergas, there was this amazing show in the RAI in Amsterdam.
A fun thing before we go to the press release: Yuliya (my partner in crime) and I did our first catwalk choreography!
An amazing experience, what is definitely not our last fashion show!
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!
Twenty-one young designers escape the ever accelerating march of a crazed industry.
We will no longer be intimidated, but we demand our own rhythm.
Our 'dance' must be irrational and light.
Join us and be free from guilt, but full of desire.

Collectie Arnhem 2016 is a celebration of fashion, honoring everything that we love about it. The acceleration of the fashion industry has led to an impoverishment of the creative aspect of fashion. The individualisation has created a vacuum in which we are afraid of making mistakes. Our collection is a protest against the overheated system. Flux is the state of change in which we find ourselves, Reflux is our desire to let our creativity flow out freely.
This is why the silhouettes of the collection are a statement, a sensual interaction between covering up and revealing. Volatile moulages recall the essence of clothing, where we can wrap ourselves into and that should offer protection. Lambswool blankets of AaBe and interior neoprene from Febrik symbolise our warm nostalgic feelings for the future. Large, frivolous and extending sleeve volumes contrast with an accent constricted just below the shoulder.
Revealing futuristic lingerie gives substance to residuary areas in asymmetric silhouettes. Rapid brushstrokes and handmade sequins emphasise our desire for intuitive choices and sensitivity. Collectie Arnhem is not complete without its knitwear; we played with color and tactility. Various types of yarns and knitted volumes create a festive patchwork including transparency that shows the body subtly. Labor intensive textiles were made with yarns that were selected and laid in the knitwear by hand. This emphasises the desire for real attention to clothes.
Collectie Arnhem 2016 is seductive and feminine. A flirt to her admirers, an invitation to a captivating celebration.

21 third-year fashion students from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts are the team behind this eighteenth edition of the label Collectie Arnhem. Besides developing, designing and presenting the collection, which showed the 19th of January in Amsterdam, they gain experience in all facets of their future role in the fashion industry.

| Francis Ames | Monique de Bruin | Roxy van Bemmel | Anna Anastasia Celic | Leroy Sirasit van Halen | Maxine van Kampen | Victor Klijsen | Raisa Kok | Joséphine van Mastrigt | Nine Parre | Tabea Philipp | Lawin Ramelinck | Rixt Rooks | Ruby Russell | Chloë Severien | Eva Sieljes | Christina Sotiropoulou | Lizzy Stuyfzand | Lucas van der Velde | Maria Vogt | Mette Zijlema |

Watch HERE the film by Collector.

Pictures by Jan-Willem Kaldenbach.

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