Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Today, something special arrived at my mailbox.
A beautiful packet from London.
With the amazing SWIG Flask.
I was invited to join the SWIG Society and now I have my own custom made flask.

SWIG Flasks is a company in north London, which is launching the UK's only hip flask brand.
And they're doing this because they want to make the best hip flask in every way: it’s beautiful, photogenic, and so well made it will neither leak, split nor taint the alcohol within. It’s a passion project for them. Made for people who love good living, good food & drinks, adventures and social media.
Just like me and you.

The hip flasks are not just the best quality, they can also be personalised with the in-house engraving.
What they did with mine. I really love it to have a one-of-a-kind flask.
How cool is it to have BY MERKS engraved in my flask?

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