Friday, August 07, 2015

The Antwerp photo diary, part 1.

- Day 1 -

- Day 2 -

Finally back in this city, was a long time ago when I was really here for a few days...
This time, I'm here with the always amazing Yuliya, my partner in crime.

The first day was an easy day. Arrived with the train at the station, dropped our stuff and go! We started with a lunch at the Esco Bar, delicious and very nice (beautiful garden btw). Did a little shopping and walked around this city. On the pictures you can see the city hall of Antwerp and the Cathedral. We watched the sunset at the Schelde, with this weather it is deffinitely a must!
The second day was an art day. We went to the MuHKA and the FoMu. Jan Fabre in MuHKA was amazing and we also loved the work of Cédric Gerbehaye in the FoMu. So, here some pictures on the roof. We just came from a great dinner at Burgerij and a little party at the Zomerfabriek. Also good places to be!

What I wore on day one, was an Weekday pants and a H&M shirt. Combined with the black Calvin Klein sandals. Today, I wore a mint green vintage pants, a basic white tank top and the platforms from Dr. Martins. Just add some accessories and you're done.

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