Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The 3rd show of day 2 of MBFWA.
We are at the TONYCOHEN show, showing the 'Back to Square One'-collection.

Tony Cohen went back to square one. In this colleciton is the square something what is notable. I kind of understand that, but I don't see that every piece is inspired by a square in this collection. For me, it was a army of models who passed by and most of the time good looking and great styled. On these pictures you see my favorites. I understand that it's hard to see this as a collection, but there were many more outfits what made this collection a really nice and multifaceted one. Tony Cohen brings a glamour for every kind of human. Maybe it were the golden lips of the models or the nice fabrics that made this collection looks like a glamour runway. It was nice to have the music, the models, the styling and the clothes all on the same level. That means that the concept of the collection and were the brand stands for gives me a clear meaning. A nice show to watch. It gives ready-to-wear a glamour feeling, for men and women. And I like that. On the other side, not a really innovative collection. But still great shapes and materials, I would wear this for sure.

Pictures by Team Peter Stigter.

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