Thursday, July 16, 2015


The second show of day 4 of MBFWA is Susana Bettencourt with her S/S16 collection 'Ways of Seeing'.

This collection is inspired by the artisan Judith Watson technique and the intricate interior of the human being's eyes. How to see the world? How can we all have so different views?
We can see that Susana is focused on the knitwear and women's wear. Knitwear is not my favorite, so that made me not that positive about this collection. Especially the first pieces were not the most exited ones for me. But the further we got in this collection, the more I liked it. The last few pieces were much better. More differents between the materials and the use of colours. The styling was a clear look that I liked. And the shoes were cool!   

And again, some kisses from Front Row with the amazing Nina.

First and last picture by Team Peter Stigter, the rest by me.

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