Friday, July 17, 2015


And already the last show of MBFWA where I blog about.
It's day 5, second show, and we're watching María Clè Leal.
Another note, Doutzen Kroes is also in the audience.

María is a Spanish designer who won the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award in Madrid. One piece of the price was showing her collection in Amsterdam. There we are. She showed us the collection 'Fragile'.

The show started with a dancer (YEAH!), a beautiful dancer named Naiara Rojo. It was good, she danced 'fragile' and that is what we saw on the papers. Not that refreshing. You can do a lot more with dance and fashion. I wrote my thesis about fashion in dance, as some of you know, so I should know what is going on there. The dancer was definitely great, but the models were robots and didn't interact with her. Awful.
The collection was in the begining made of felt/wool. Some fabrics who are interesting for a summer collection in Spain. This fabric is also used by 50+ women who want to be hip again. So not done. The shapes were kind of cool, but also not my favorites. The end of the collection, with the more breathing and summer fabrics, had my attention. Maybe cause the models were showing more skin, could be. The use of colours and shapes were gorgeous, only the fabric choises were not that convincing.
Maybe I expected more..

And here a picture of Doutzen Kroes, arriving at MBFWA.

Pictures by Team Peter Stigter.

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