Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Show #4 of day 2 of MBFWA.
We are watching the show of FUTURA, showing the S/S 2016 collection.

Finally, they did something else with the catwalk. Definitely a plus. They changed the room, putted a DJ in the centre and a dynamic runway was born. A good DJ created a bass that made me dance. The models were gorgeous, walking strong on the heavy beat and showing this new collection.
FUTURA is a menswear brand, owned by Anne Bosman and Tom Renema.
This brand brings a strong, clean and minimalistic style for the men. Using Japanese denim, organic cotton and other durable fabrics combined with European manufacture quality. And that is what I saw on the catwalk. 
Maybe the models were running to fast.. There was not really time to look what the creations were. But I liked the fibe of the show. Not those robot-models but strong young men. The shapes of the collection were not that innovative. The use of colour was interesting; starting with bright colored suede and ending with mixed denim. The fabrics were of quality and the finishing was good. I liked the minimalistic style, but a little safe. It would be great to see some special details or a refreshing design.  

Kisses from FRONT ROW with the amazing Eline Keuchenius. 
She is an awesome fashion designer, check her out HERE.

First and last pictures by Team Peter Stigter, the rest by me.

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