Sunday, July 12, 2015


There we are again, at the ARMY OF ME show. 
It's day 2 of MBFWA and the first show of the day.

ARMY OF ME is still one of my favorite brands who is showing at MBFWA. It's so easy, a lot of black, a little gray and white. Playing around with wonderful fabrics and crazy shapes. Can you imagine that they show us the most masculine men in dresses and that this same type of guy is wearing gloves? They also showed us the see-through shirt is also accepted for the men, for the real men. And maybe the best thing, if you can't afford shoes, you can always use some ducktape to create your own shoe. If you can afford shoes, buy these amazing leather shoes of ARMY OF ME. 
Hell yeah, I'm still a big fan of this amazing brand.

First two pictures by Team Peter Stigter, the rest by me.

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