Sunday, May 10, 2015

The New York City photo diary, part 2.

I'm back from NYC, time to show you this amazing trip!

- Day 2 -

- Day 3 -

- Day 4 -

Day 2 was a beautiful day. I needed my own space and my own time to discover NYC again. So great to run around this city and make some nice pictures. I was in West Village, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Grand Central Station, was spinning on Times Square and we took the South Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and a great skyline full of lights. 
I was wearing a new pair of Nike Air Max, a ripped skinny jeans, a gray Cheap Monday shirt and a black vintage jacket.

The 3th day was a day of meeting my house mate in NYC, so crazy to be there together... But also a little shopping and seeing the Empire State Building between the other buildings. This day was a lot of dancing, so not a lot of photo's.
I was wearing a black skinny, a white Weekday shirt, a black leather jacket and a black beanie. 

Day 4 was delicious. We started our day at The Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes and coffee, AMAZING. Walked down The High Line, a wonderful park on a old underground track. After that, we were ready for our second (or third) cupcake from the Cupcake ATM of Sprinklers. The last thing for that day was jumping around in the Guggenheim Museum. 
I was wearing the lovely Nike Air Max's with a wide Weekday pants. Combined with a purple/red vintage shirt and a light blue H&M jacket. Plus my D&G sunglasses, of course.

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