Monday, March 09, 2015

Day 796, outfit 796. ROTTERDAM

Yesterday, Fanny and I were in Rotterdam. A wonderful day with a lot of sun and a crazy sunset above us. It was an great idea to leave Arnhem for a day, cause I'm so busy right now with writing my bachelor about gender and fashion in dance..
Some good vibe and a little shopping in Rotterdam.

Yesterday, I was wearing a new pair of sneakers.
Say hello to these Puma's, which I bought in a crazy sale in Arnhem at Sneaky Shoes. Combined with a denim overall by Berska, a white shirt by Weekday, a off-white blazer by H&M and a vintage camel coat which I bought at the IJ hallen in Amsterdam. To complete this look, I was wearing some white Adidas socks, a D&G sunglasses, a silver Casio watch, vintage rings and a silver Cheap Monday bracelet. Oeh, and that black little bag is also vintage, bought at a second hand store in Arnhem.

I hope you also enjoyed the weather, as I did.

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