Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Day 736, outfit 736.

Today, I'm wearing some new black shoes!
These black beauties are by Bronx (shop them at Invito). Combined with a basic jeans, I bought this actually in a size bigger, just for the loose fit. Also wearing a leather-look shirt and a old coat from my dad. A gray scarf by Cold Method, a black Ray-Ban Wayfarer and a silver Casio watch. A bow tie and some mint green socks to give this look some colour. 

Life is all about breath. Just keep breathing trough life; smile a little more, kiss everybody you love, do fun things, enjoy good music, dance your ass off, hug harder, embrace your life, get inspired, travel the world, love passionately and just BREATHE.
Cause, you know, actually this life is breathtaking...

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