Thursday, January 01, 2015

Day 730, outfit 730. HAPPY 2015!

I hope that this year will be amazing for you. That your dreams may come true. That the love will be good for you. That the world will kiss you. Let 2015 be BREATHTAKING. 
With a lot of gold guns, glamour parties and glitter fountains. 
I celebrated NYE in Arnhem, last night. We had an amazing Bal Masqué, with neonlights, blacklight and a lot of glitter and gold. 
See here some pictures, before everyone was getting drunk..

Today, I'm wearing my 730th outfit. 
A vintage bordeaux turtleneck and a Weekday pantalon. The sunnie is a original Ray-Ban and of course my Casio watch. 
And btw, GOLD GUNS ARE SO 2015.

It's crazy that this blog is online for exactly 2 years, today. So last night was also a little birthday party for the blog. 
Or maybe, we made it a really big one..
I think 2015 is ready for my. I'm ready for 2015. So many projects are coming to me.
2013 was every day another outfit.
2014 was every week another Sunday dinner.
2015 is going to be..... 
I'm still in doubt, what kind of project is it going to be this year? Probably every month, something really big. 
And of course, I'll still show you my outfits and food, my travels and lifestyle. Don't worry ;).

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