Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Show 3.
Marije de Haan with her collection MdH by Marije de Haan.
This collection is her first ready-to-wear collection for A/W 15-16.
Also a collaboration with the Dutch shoe brand HUB.

Her Fall/Winter 15-16 collection consists basics such as classic comfortable shirts, T-shirt and trousers with a unique twist and the use of quality materials, which carry the identity of MdH. The collection also included very wearable shirts and cardigans with a longer back, wide collars and turtlenecks. The colours are based on the colour palette of Francis Bacon, a dark, moody blue, black and grey base with carefully chosen colour accents such as stripes prints, bright blue, powder pink and a spot of red.

For me, it was really wearable. Easy and relaxed. I didn't see something really new or refreshing. Maybe it's also cause the models weren't that amazing. Actually, most of the models were friends of Marije. I get the concept, but if it really sales? I really love to combined different styles, but I didn't get the combination of a jogging with a really nice shirt. I looked to relaxed. Are we really going back to that "comfort" in fashion? The final jacket was lovely, like brains and I would wear that for sure!

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