Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There we go, show 2.

First, I need you to tell that the last 3 days were crazy. Fashion week all over. Running from show to show, getting something to eat and running again. I hope I can blog every show today, cause I'm leaving the country tomorrow again..

MAISON the FAUX with their collection C'est Vrai ou C'est FAUX?
I think, it was amazing. Definitely a great start of this crazy weekend.
We dove in the craziness of this fashion house, which is based in Arnhem. 
Actually, the founders studied at ArtEZ fashion design, same school where I do my study.

What I really liked about the show is that they did something differend. They showed us the backstage of a fashion show, on stage. And backstage was the runway, but then in film for us. The collection was so extravagant, colorful and mixed genders. Guys in mini skirts and girls in oversized pants. FUR, especially in pink. Silver and denim. Great and strong combinations, which were definitely not ordinary. Delicious.

First photo by Team Peter Stigter, others are mine.

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