Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Show 4 of AFW.
Barbara Langendijk showed her A/W 15-16 collection, called: Riches from Rags.

This collection is inspired by the traditional Japanese work. Like Shimenawa and Sashiko. These things are about construction of materials. That's why she rolled the fabrics and created something new with that. A really cool idea for creating volume in clothes.

For me, I loved the show. Beautiful girls, running the runway, but in a different way. They walked, all together, patterns on that catwalk. There was also some sand rain, on a spot, as you can see on the pictures. They created some magic there, some rest and a beautiful flow of great materials. It was great that the models were walking all together, so you can see every singel detail. Almost like a dance choreography. They got my attantion, for sure!

Photos by Team Peter Stigter

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