Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 685, outfit 685.

Finally again, some good vintage shopping in Amsterdam at the IJ-hallen!

Yesterday, I was wearing some new secondhand beauties.
Say hello to my new wonderful Drykorn coat and the black Cheap Monday shoes. Combined with a Weekday shirt, which I bought last week, so ready for this autumn! A black skinny, a vintage silver ring and the casio watch are completing this look. 

I really love to combined vintage with new fashion. Mostly basics or special fabrics to dress this body. Fashion is not only for 'looking good', but also to tell my story to the world. I dress how I fee, or I dress up to feel good. You can say so much with clothes and body language, so do that and don't say something you don't want to say!

Ooh, after a day of vintage shopping, we lunched at Noorderlicht. A great café with delicious food, near the IJ-hallen!

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