Friday, August 01, 2014

BREAD & BUTTER - Berlin - 08 July 2014

Bread & Butter, Berlin.

When I was in Berlin last month, I went to Bread and Butter as PRESS. I never thought to get in a fashion tradeshow as press abrought.. But there I was, with my camera in my left hand and already a free drink in my right hand. Let's get some inspirations for the season SPRING/SUMMER 2015! I've got brands for u, but also trends. 

Let's start with the trends for S/S 2015.


- Calvin Klein -
- Defend -
- Defend -



- Sixth June -

- Le Coq Sportif - (very nice come back!)


- Anerkjendt -
- Dr Denim Jeansmakers -
- Dr Denim Jeansmakers -
- Dr Denim Jeansmakers -
- Kuyichi -
- Nudie Jeans -
- Nudie Jeans -
- Nudie Jeans -
- Levi's -

- Clarks - 
Free shirt by Clarks

- Get your SLIP-ON'S! Every brand got them in the collection! -
- The Havaianas wave - 

- Cowboybags -
Love this name for the brand!

- Gsus Sindustries -
Gsus is coming with innovations for jeans. Take the cool black, a black jeans which can be worn in the summer and still keep it cool. 
I think it's really great to be innovative in fashion, make stagements and be different. Gsus works on details and got great shapes. Also, they combined the mens and the womens collection. So the men can wear something to match the dress of the women. The prints and the materials are so good. Can't wait to wear this..

A great glasses and watches brand. 
I'm a big fan of sunglasses. But these are so good, the timeless models and the colours are delicious. I need one of these!

- K.O.I. 
Kings of Indigo -
Denim, denim, denim, denim, denimmmmm.....
This brand is so wonderful, so beautiful. 
The metarials, the attitude and the style works really good. They got their classics, but also some specials who I wanna have in my closet! 

To get my jeans fixed!

- HUB -
HUB is bringing us some shoe candy for 2015.
HUB is a great dutch brand, which got a really good sole in every shoe.
But that's not everything, I really like the new collection from HUB. The colors are delicious and totally summer 2015 proof!

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