Monday, July 07, 2014

Day 551, outfit 551. BERLIN

Berlin, oh Berlin! I'M BACK AGAIN!

Friday evening, I flew to Berlin with a great friend of me. Actually to visit another amazing friend, but here in Berlin u can do whatever u want. So, we flew on friday, came here at 11 p.m., dropped our bags, changed clothes, get a beer, met some other friends in a park, drank red wine, get in the U-bhn (underground), with some vodka and there begins the night, a wonderful night in Zur Wilden Renate. It was crazy, a party so dark and underground, you'll find it only in Berlin. We came home when the sun was up already and everybody was sightseeing again. 
But here some pictures from last saturday, what I wore and what I've done.
We went to Brandenburger Tor and Holocaust Denkmal (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe). On the last pic, u see the Berliner Fernsehturm. 

What I was wearing:
Actually a H&M look. The shirt and the pants are from H&M, but I like the material so much. It feels really good and soft around your skin. Combined with my black Sperry's, bought at Invito, and my gold Casio watch. This leather bag is bought in a secondhand shop for less then a euro, I putted a extra rope around it to make it easier to shop and for sightseeing. Then u got your hands free and I need that! 

Yesterday was an amazing party day at the beach side. We were at the Open Air Watergate Festival. Today, sightseeing and shopping again and tomorrow to Bread & Butters! (Some of you are also there?)

Ps. now I've time for a little and quick blog update from Berlin. But I think I will post a lot of other post about my trip, when I'm back in Holland. 

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